Annie’s Back: “Invisible”

After establishing herself for over a decade as one of the hardest-working vocalists in electro-pop, Norway’s Annie took a hiatus that lasted over four years. With the release of her “A&R” EP, she’s shown that this time of silence has been anything but a holiday.

With “Invisible”, it’s evident that Annie has begun to drift away from the Madonna-style synthpop that made her name to pay homage to the Berlin club scene that she has called home for the past number of years. Opening with a swollen bass beat that begs you to move from the starting line, the track develops into a verse and response with synth rolls and the faintest disco piano-accented chorus.

Some may call this new sound darker, but Annie has undoubtedly made her sound more complex and directed toward making your feet follow what your ears have thought about her music for years. Well worth the wait.  The “A&R” EP is out today via Pleasure Masters.