New Broken Social Scene track for It’s Kind Of A Funny Story

its kind of a funny story

Check out “Not At My Best”, a song written by Broken Social Scene for the movie It’s Kind Of A Funny Story (featuring Zach Galifinakis). The track is one of a few contributions by the band to the film, also adding a few others to the films’ soundtrack (tracklist below). Some good names in there, including a track we’ve loved for a while now, “Blood” by The Middle East. Good supervising there Andrea.

“NOT AT MY BEST” Broken Social Scene by artkitchen

1. Not at My Best Broken Social Scene
2. Smash It Up The Damned
3. Happy Today The Wowz
4. Icarus White Hinterland
5. Where You Go Elden Calder
6. The Ills Mayer Hawthorne
7. Da Rockwilder Method Man and Redman
8. Tourist in Your Town Pink Mountaintops
9. Where Is My Mind Maxence Cyrin
10. Blood The Middle East
11. Check Me Out Little Denise
12. Habina Rachid Taha
13. Major Label Debut (Fast) Broken Social Scene
14. Sweet Number One Broken Social Scene

From the trailer, which also features BSS’s “7/4 Shoreline”, this movie looks pretty good.