Currently Listening To: Yukon Blonde, Javelin, The Black Hollies

Based on the success of the band‘s EP (Everything In Everyway, Nevado Records), successful touring and performing well at music festivals (CMJ, Halifax and Pop Montreal), Vancouver’s Yukon Blonde have announced the release of the self-titled full length debut on Toronto label Bumstead (who recently opened their own online store). The band plans to tour extensively in the US and Canada in the months following the release and tour dates will be announced soon. Look for the album in Feb, here’s Wind Blows to hold you over until then.

Best song name of the day goes to Javelin with ‘Lindsay Brohan’. Head to IGIF for the song and more info.

Magnet has a track by Jersey City-based quartet The Black Hollies, a song called ‘Gloomy Monday Morning’ from their third album, Softly Towards The Light.