Young People F*&?ing

In case you’ve never heard of this movie, check out the trailer. Young People Fucking is a scathingly honest and hilarious portrayal of four couples, one threesome and a crazy night of sex. Last year at the Toronto Film Festival, it was one of the more talked about movies.

I still haven’t seen it yet, but ending up watching the last 20 minutes in search of a song. My friend Erin just saw the flick and loved the song that ended the movie. After a little research (can careful listening to the lyrics), I was able to find out that it was a FemBots song in the outro, Count Down Our Days (from 2005’s The City) to be exact. “Turn the light out before they turn the lights out…. what are you waiting for?”.

Pretty solid soundtrack as well. The Besnard Lakes, Kool Keith, Peaches, Pete Elkas, Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings, Sam Roberts and Young Galaxy. Nice work Dave!