Late Night Radio

I remember that time back in March of last year pretty well when Irish band Moscow Metro sent me a message with a link to a few of their songs off their Spirit Of A City EP.  I liked their featured title track, but “Future Fades” just blew me away.  I logged quite a bit of time listening to that EP, while doing my part in sharing their tunes here on the blog (“Future Fades” made my list of Best Songs Of 2014).

The band and I have been keeping in touch over the past year as they’ve started to build from their debut.  Although, after touring Germany their lead singer quit, so the band took a bit of a hiatus.  They had written some new songs on the road, which the remaining band members felt needed to see the light of day, so lyricist and main guitarist Pops took over on lead vocals (a process that proved to be pretty seamless and more natural than they anticipated).   Since, the band has been in a writing and recording mode, bringing me to the focus of this post, to feature the brand new track “Late Night Radio”.

You can just feel the energy in this song, get on board with this band!