Guest Post: Gabe McDonough, VP/Music Director (Leo Burnett)

What are you listening to?

Today I finally listened to the new J Zone record “Peter Pan Syndrome.”  Really digging it.  Great drum sounds and all around production.  The new Blondes record almost sounds like a UR release and I really dig it.  Love the new Grumbling Fur, Glynnestra.  My buddy John turned me on to Mickey Jupp’s Legend, which is some great Faces-esque pub rock. The new Dead in The Dirt record has been blowing my hair back too.  My friend Ben described it as “crusty power violence recorded well” which seems about right.  New MBV is the best so is the new Express Rising.  Played guitar on this Le Blonde track “Peacock”– killer.  Everything Cherries Records puts out makes the playlist too.  What do these sounds have to do with ad music?


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About Gabe:

I’m the Music Director at Leo Burnett where I work on many of the world’s biggest brands. We are currently giving away a free 15 song digital compilation of rare Chicago music that we put together with the Numero Group, so dig in.  I still partake of music outside of the work with a truly unhealthy vigor.