SXSW ’07, Day 2: Thursday

Possibly my least productive day bandwise. I saw only 8 of them….. And I still can’t remember what I was doing between noon and 2pm. Everything else has come back to me.

SXSW has always been about meeting people. I met Sue while on the plane from Denver to Austin last monday. We talked for most of the flight, finding striking similarities between me and my twin brother and her two sons (twins as well), both of which were working in the music industry in Austin. As well, one is currently managing the infamous Daniel Johnston. *You might need to go rent this if you’ve never heard of him. Through High Wire Music and the help of a killer street team (nice work kids), they put together a solid showcase in town that day. I saw Daniel play. Great show, the crowd agreed.

Jumping backward, I’d like to mention seeing Loney, Dear perform at the team Clermont party. It was a perfect show for that part in the day. I found a good spot right by a circular fan. The room was dead quiet. I couldn’t help thinking about a folkier version of the Bee-Gees in his sound. Really nice songs, you can find a hell of a lot of them here, check out I Am John.
After dinner a bunch of us jumped around quite a bit. Saw Montreal’s Besnard Lakes at the Mohawk and Lo Fi Fnk from the alley way behind The Beauty Bar Patio. Really liked Cloud Cult‘s performance at Emo JR’s featuring two live painters on stage.

Champion had people dancing like crazy making me wonder if the patio at Maggie Mae’s could support the jumping. Datarock were a nice surprise as well.

Menomena was a highlight as well, but I’m going to hold off on writing about them just yet. Tomorrow night I’m off to see them, Field Music and Land Of Talk at the El Mo. Great lineup.

Loney, Dear – The City, The Airport
Cloud Cult – Chain Reaction
Menomena – Stream their new record here

Day 2