The Walkmen in Toronto

Hamilton Leithauser‘s neck veins must be tired this morning.

Another stellar performance by the Walkmen in Toronto. They nailed the classics like ‘Rue The Day’, ‘We’ve Been Had’ and ‘The Rat’ while introducing us to a couple new tracks like ‘Don’t Get Me Down (Come On Over Here)’, ‘All Hands And The Cook’, and the first single off A Hundred Miles Off called ‘Louisiana’.

Check out a clip from the video for Louisiana.

It’s rumoured that 2006 will also be a year in which the Walkmen put out a track-by-track cover of Harry Nilsson and John Lennon‘s Pussy Cats. Very interesting. I’d love to hear them cover Subterranean Homesick Blues, I’ve always heard Dylan in their sound.

Here’s a link to some live footage of the band from Factory Features.

And here’s a link to some live tracks from a recent show.

The one track I look forward to the band playing is the title track off the second full-length Bows and Arrows. They didn’t play it last night…..

Here’s Bows and Arrows live on KEXP.

The Walkmen