Magnificent Sevens

Remember Blow Up?? Let me describe it. My all-time favorite DJ night in Toronto, took place at Lees Palace for 10 years from ’95. The best of best indie rock with a heavy British influence. It was a shame when Davy Love closed its doors in 2005. Since then, he’s started a vinyl only record label here in Toronto called Magnificent Sevens.

As a way to give lesser known bands (with really good singles) some exposure, Love has been able to release 45s for bands like The Easy Targets, Action Makes, The Mark Inside and Lipstick Machine. I really like the look of the records, 60’s feel with purple and orange stripes on white.

If you are in Toronto this weekend, head over to their official launch party this weekend.

Where? Their spiffy spiffy warehouse space. 39 Lisgar St. (just south of the Drake)

When? 7.7.7 / drs at 10.07pm // first band at 10.37pm

Who? 10 bands:
Action Makes ? Easy Targets ? Lipstick Machine ? The Disraelis ? The Hoa Hoas ? Barons & Lengthy ? Terror Lake ? The Visit ? Mein Blues ? Obviously Five Believers

What? $10

Magnificent Sevens