First Rate People

First Rate Treat! The band has already received some boast-worthy encouragement from Luke Lalonde (Bord Ruffians), Jens Lekman, Chad Valley & Matt Berninger (The National) which of course, blew the collective minds of all that is First Rate People. Today we’re showcasing ‘Dark Age’ and ‘Malibu’- the latter being a collaborative featuring a few members of the band. Both are equally note-worthy.

‘Dark Age’ is one seriously addictive ear-tunage isn’t it? With hard-hitting easy-to-follow lyrics and synth beats layered progressively, the song comfortably culminates in a wonderful group harmony on the lyric “I thought you were showing me a home”. Pop, electro and r’n’b are fused together and filtered into an ode to “life in your mid-20’s”.

‘Malibu’ is the Jon Lawless (from First Rate People) remix featuring LUM & Anna Wiebe (from electro pop duo The Electric Environment). Jon has successfully turned the original tropica-pop track into an instrumentally rich and slower-paced indie basher with repetitive vocals that are met with a more fitting composition.