Sound Team

Check out this great band from Austin.

Sound Team.

“The way I describe it is, we’re basically a bunch of people who are into electronic music trying to play a Motown song,” — Bill Baird, co-founder of Sound Team.

Pretty interesting quote. That’s kind of like saying that someone looks like a cross between Don Knotts and Juan Guzman… you know they are destined to be one, but you’re not sure how.

Before putting out thier first full length record with Capital (Movie Monster), the band did it all themselves, saying enough money to buy an old record pressing factory to build an analog recording studio (Big Orange). They’ve shared the stage with the likes of Spoon, The Walkmen and The Arcade Fire. Now, you can catch them on tour with the French Kicks.

Here’s a wicked track called Your Eyes Are Liars, sounds a little like Interpol if they were British.

Also, take a listen to the title track, Movie Monster.? Dark, New Order-esque, maybe? late Radiohead.

Sound Team