Museum from Hamburg. Best band introduction so far

While checking the inbox today, I had a good laugh at an e-mail from the German band Museum. Rather than explaining it, here it is.

dear chris,

king of the indie-bloggers, master of taste,
we beseech thee to let yourself be bored by this little message we write to you.

we are museum from hamburg (hometown of the band “the beatles”).

we are the most unsuccesful band in germany, rejected by every record label, totally ignored by the press.
but, some people seem to like us, for we’ve become
the unsigned band with the most listeners on (a little music platform) worldwide
since we decided to give our songs away for free on the internet.

sadly people in offices still don’t give a shit about anything we’re doing.

we’ve just finished recording our first album on our own and are now mixing it (well mixing and learning mixing at the same time, because we don’t have any money to give to someone who could do it for us and no label to pay him/her.)

today, on this bleak thursday afternoon we had the strange idea of writing to our favourite music blog
and asking him for his oppinion.
he didn’t answer, so we deicided to write you instead.
(sorry for that lame joke. it was you.)

so dear chris if you have some more seconds to spare after already having wasted approximately 60-120 of those
on the story of our lives, maybe you want to have a listen
to our music and tell us what you think and what you think we should do now. (e.g. go kill yourselves, get a job, never touch a musical instrument again, fuck off….)

if you think we suck, just tell us.

you most certainly won’t answer or even read this, but it was fun writing to you anyway. have a good day. and thanks for all the music you gave us and writing such a good blog.


I really hope this was only sent to me. My advice, less self-deprecation, more songs like To Have Or To Be.