Ruban Nielson, singer and guitarist of Portland-born-New Zealand-raised band, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, wanted to produce something different—something that would defy “manly white-guy rock music,” as he said in an interview with Dummy Mag. And that he did. This dynamic retro-psychedelic track sounds like no other; from the intro that takes you back to the 60s to Kody Nielson’s beats and to the deep harmonizing, the song is so good that any part of it could truly be the chorus.

There’s the delicious sound, but the story behind the lyrics is worth mentioning too. Nielson expresses his experience with just what the title says—multi-love –when his wife invited a woman who he had met earlier to live with their family. “Think about the two most serious relationships in your life so far, and then experiencing them simultaneously. It makes you wonder: How much can a human being deal with emotionally?” he said to CoS.