Toronto’s Loveless


Its 5:23pm and I’m only finding time now to post on here.  Too much going on the schedule, sprinting to the weekend with a never-ending checklist.

One thing I won’t be doing this weekend (as I’ll be on my way to Montreal), but you should do, is attending the all-ages 20th anniversary celebration party of My Bloody Valentine’s Loveless at Toronto Underground Cinema this Friday (November 4th).  In honour of the milestone,  a bunch of Toronto bands (featuring Memoryhouse, Volcano Playground, Heartbeat Hotel, and more) got together to make a covers compilation of the album.  You can download it for free off soundcloud, but please support the original artists who created the masterpiece by heading over to your local record store and purchasing the album on vinyl.

Great job Gold Soundz, this looks/sounds rad.

Toronto’s Loveless by GoldSoundz