Oh No, Oh My!

I’ve noticed a lot of blogs have contests. And generally, if you do your homework, its a really easy way to get free music.
So this is contest #1.

Send an e-mail to me with 5 bands with exclamation points in their name. I’ll start you off with your first hint, Oh No, Oh My! I’ll draw a winner from the successful entries by 5pm on friday. Winner gets a surprise CD and a balloon animal sent to them through the mail. **I’ve tested this, and it works.

Back to the band, Oh No, Oh My! A bunch of kids hailing from Austin orginally, settling in Nashville have put together some great songs. They’ve listed their influences as Belle and Sebastien and Magnetic Fields. I see it. When I started listening, I heard Shins and Clap Your Hands (oops, hint #2).

Noticed the band were doing some dates with the Flaming Lips. Very nice. Can’t wait to see those guys at V-fest in Toronto.

Here’s Walk in the Park. Think of Simon and Garfunkel’s kids hanging out. I prefer I have No Sister.

Oh No, Oh My! @ Woxy