Stop Die Resuscitate, Sta

Shouting Match

Went out for my brother’s birthday this past Saturday. Landed at the Drake hotel in the midst of an interesting mix of artists.

Stop Die Resuscitate - Bad Night 12?

Stop Die Resuscitate were opening with the launch of the video for their track Bad Night (check the tune out on their MySpace Page here). It sounds like Buck 65 mixed with TV on the Radio. Fun stuff, I do recommend. You can also check out some of their remixes here, check out the VitaminsForYou – Flesh Python and Apostle of Hustle – Haul Away remixes in particular.

StaSta might be an unknown to you, unless you read the article about him in Now magazine last week, or you keep up to date on Marine Parade’s newest artists… or you hang out on zShare downloading remixes randomly. He got his start by recording a remix of the Timbaland track Give It To Me, and has been catching the eye (and ear) of big names like Adam Freeland, the Chemical Brothers and Crystal Method. His latest release is a remix of the theme song to the show In Living Color. Hey if it can help make J-Lo famous, why not a skinny white kid from Ottawa?

Last up was Montreal’s Nu Ravers On The Block… I’ll save stuff on them for another time…