Our Brother The Megazord vs. Deastro

Let me introduce you to the multiple musical personalities of Randolph J. Chabot, an electronic basement multi-instrumentalist from Detroit who goes by the names Our Brother The Megazord and Deastro. Why the dual band/artist name? Apparently, he’d get bored with just one.

Our Brother The Megazord is meant to be heard at a dance party, and is an outlet for Randolph to run with how happy music makes him.

Check out An Empty Park by Our Brother The Megazord off the full length Time The Teenage Twister. Makes me think of Andrew Bird and Beck collaborating on this one.

Deastro is meant to be more like drunken fist boxing, touching more into life’s casual dips into sadness with optimism.

Check Out Michael the Lone Archer by Deastro off The Young Planets. What drew me into this song was the M83-esque wall of sound that backs up the chorus.

Regardless of which name appears, I’m a fan. A songwriter that knows how to make his basement sound good.

Our Brother The Megazord/Deastro