SXSW ’08: Thursday

If breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and bar-b-que tastes really good, then eating bar-b-que for breakfast every day can’t be that wrong… can it?

My stomach would reply ‘yes sir’ at around 1:30pm each day while at one of the many day parties happening in Austin. But I kept doing it each day, as if I had no recollection of what happened the day before. Might be the booze.

Here’s thursdays highlights:

Duke Spirit at the Fader Party. Or was that the Filter party… They were amazing. Head to Mewzick to grab some of their new tracks, really enjoying Sovereign.

Some time later I dropped by Emo’s for the Cons. Was surprised to see that they were playing.? Heard that they might not be touring because Steve Lambke broke his hand. Live, he fashioned the cast so that he could still tear it up. Head to the Constantines myspace to download Hard Feelings.

Side note, Has anyone seen this page yet?? Beautiful Noise Concert Series has some tapings set up for the next two weeks. I have no idea if they still have room on their guestlists, but if you live in Toronto and want to see The Constantines, Stars, Ted Leo, and others for free, its a simple e-mail.

The last day party on thursday was Musebox’s ‘Hows Your Booze’ party. We saw Krief (guitarist from Dears) perform. He might be the re-incarnation of Hendrix. Good set, but not the best of the three I saw him perform that week. New songs on his myspace page.

I believe we ate dinner in there somewhere

At night, we saw:

Portugal The Man. Burtch you would have loved this set.

Working For A Nuclear Free City. Had only really heard their name before heading to this showcase.? Now, I’m setting aside time to get to know this band. Head to their myspace to hear Kingdom.

-The Coast @ The Wave. Had problems hearing the band (from the Nickleback-esque bleed from the band upstairs) but a solid set by these Torontonians. Expatriate hits the shelves April 1st, head to their myspace to stream the whole record.

Diplo. Sick show in a basement bar. Power problems cut the sound in one side of the bar, but that didn’t stop tons of kids from dancing, drinking and in three cases, throwing down. On the way out I noticed this party was Perez approved.

Wombats. So glad to finally see this band live. Perfect end to the night. Here’s Let’s Dance To Joy Division.