Chris’s Top 10 Albums of 2007

Finally, I’m getting around to posting this list. I’m having too hard a time putting them in order, so I’ll stick to alphabetical.

Here they are.

Andrew BirdArmchair Apocrypha. Still not sure what he’s better at, the violin, singing or whistling. This album is a great listen, a nice mosiac of many different sounds. Songs the find their way into your head and stay there. His show in Toronto was one of the best I saw this year.

The Arcade FireNeon Bible. Winners of my best concert of the year and most interactive video of the year, Neon Bible really crept up on me. Initially, I wanted Funeral again. What I got was an amazing follow up. Results under pressure.

Caribou – Andorra. A critically acclaimed crossover record; something to keep the cool challenged and the rest interested.

Handsome FursPlague Park. Couldn’t have put it better than Burtch.

Jose GonzalezIn Our Nature. The Swede with the most un-Swedish name. Great ability here. Lighting quick precision fingers on the classical guitar, soft vocals sprinkled overtop. Even though I’m a bigger fan of Veneer, its a good record to buy the sig nif other.

Justice+. I had no idea I’d really open my mind up to so much dance music this year, but this French duo helped blow it right open. Pick this record up soon, before you hear the whole record as a background to tv commercials.

Miracle FortressFive Roses. One of two records here I’d recommend to fans of Brian Wilson. A surprise Polaris nominee. A great start.

Panda BearPerson Pitch. The other I’d recommend. Love the production on this record. When I hear this album, I picture myself at some crazy beach campire sing-along.

RadioheadIn Rainbows. Winner of best sales tactic of 2007 and still #1 band in my books. Now if I could figure out how to get tickets when they tour here again…..

WintersleepWelcome To The Night Sky. Over the past two months, this record has had the most amount of play in my rotation. A great third record, a band growing and opening up. Its nice to see that people are taking notice.