Contest!! The Russian Futurists

I’ve got two brand spanking new copies of Me, Myself and Rye (Upper Class Recordings) by the Russian Futurists. This album, or compilation, hit the shelves this month and is an amalgam of TRF‘s hottest songs assembled from their three previous albums, all digitally remastered.

Paul Simon from Our Thickness

The bio sheet I’m reading here says the band hails from Cornwall… I always thought they were a Hamilton/Dundas band? Maybe I made the assumption because I’ve seen this band tour so much with other bands/artists from that area (Caribou, Junior Boys). This band seems to be really hitting their stride, now UK-label mates with The Go! Team and The Pipettes and touring with Peter, Bjorn and John. Frontman and primary songwriter Matt Hart is also making some waves remixing singles by bands like The Shout Out Louds and Stars.

Your Big Brown Eyes And My Big Broke Heart from The Method Of Modern Love

So listeners, fall into one of three categories. If you’re new to the band and you like what you hear, this might be the perfect record for you. If you’re a fan already, you probably have all these songs anyway. If you are a superfan, then you’ll just go and buy this record regardless.

My favorite track off this LP (originally off Let’s Get Ready To Crumble) is A Telegram From The Future. Head to their myspace page to hear a Lo Fi Fnk remix of Paul Simon)

CONTEST!!! I’ll send you a CD if you are one of the first two people to e-mail me with the correct answer to this question. What are the names of the 3 previous releases that have songs on Me, Myself and Rye?

Me, Myself and rye