Currently Listening To: Petite Noir

December is here, time to start on those best of the year lists and compilations.  This year, I’m planning a huge “Friends Of Indie Music Filter” poll, for songs, videos and probably videos.  I guess it all depends on what I get back, but I’m guessing these posts will be ones to look out for.  In the meantime, its a bit more work trying to find songs for the blog, as December just ain’t the best time to release new music.  Although (and looking back to last year as well), there are those gems that just sort of jump out at you.

That gem today was “Chess” from Yannick Ilunga (aka Petite Noir).  The song comes from The King Of Anxiety EP (out Jan. 19th) and teases us to his upcoming release of a debut album via Domino’s sister label, Double Six.  Lyrically, the content comes from a lifted instant-messaging conversation that Yannick was embroiled in on the day of recording.  The conversation finalized the demise of a relationship, but replaced the originally intended lyrics and birthed this track. 

The accompanying video was directed by Cieron Magat and was inspired by the works of , Philip Kwame Apagya