Justice (Juice – teese) at CIRCA

Check out some footage of Justice at CIRCA from last week.


If you’ve never heard of CIRCA before, its Toronto’s newest downtown club. Its a beast of a complex; 8 bars, 4 finished floors, touch sensitive light bars, 2,800 capacity, models as mannequins in art displays and 6.3 million to put it all together. And I’ve gotta say, some pretty good sound to see bands/DJs. Read more about CIRCA here.

The Justice show was amazing. Instead of joining the hoards of kids on the floor, we sought out the best balcony spot to get a good look at what Xavier de Rosnay and Gaspard Auge were up to behind their cross-lit DJ console. They were quite busy. Turning knobs, tweaking effects and controlling samples from their matching laptops…. oh, and chain smoking. As soon as one went out, another was lit.

Huge hits for the crowd were D.A.N.C.E and Phantom after the crowd started off their groove with album opener track Genesis. I think the dance floor totally lost it in a sing-a-long to Justice‘s remix of Simian‘s Never Be Alone. You know, that Virgin ad?

I’m a big fan of Phantom, pt. 2. Amazing track, find it here. **If you can, also look for the Soulwax remix, its solid.