Miss Elizabeth

miss elizabeth

This track fell into the pile I couldn’t take care of before the Christmas break.  Catching up now.

Miss Elizabeth are an electronic duo from Toronto comprised of Tom Avis (farragoes) and Odie Ouderkirk (Powers, The Ghost is Dancing).  Named for the longtime paramour of 80s and 90s professional wrestling staple, Macho Man Randy Savage, Miss Elizabeth make reverb-heavy, shoegaze influenced synthpop, similar to M83 and Cocteau Twins, with literate lyrics about nostalgia, youthful indiscretion and love lost to the Occupy movement.  Their first single, “Richmond Girls” (below), is a would be synthpop anthem on the subject of friendship maturing through time, distance and progressive politics, and will appear on the forthcoming debut EP, Luger.

Check it out.