New Stars Video ‘Riot’

When I heard the kid on the bus say that he was coming into the city from Coboconk, a ton of memories came flooding back. No, I didn’t end up in Toronto after a fateful 2 hour bus ride when I was a teen, but I had a cottage on Silver lake, just outside of this town of 800 (I assume this number has gone up…). You might have heard about this town in the news in the last couple years when it was discovered that a store owner was keeping and cashing in winning lottery tickets from unsuspecting customers.

Here is Take Me To The Riot by Stars, the first single off the upcoming In Our Bedroom After The War. The song really doesn’t stray from what Stars do best. Songs building to the signature chorus of chaos, non-offensive drums playing double time with sweet girl boy harmonies.

Head over to I Guess I’m Floating to grab the mp3.

Take Me To The Riot by Stars