Rubik, KEXP and Frightened Rabbit

This one has been in my inbox forever, glad I’m finally doing something about it.

A little while back while enjoying drinks at Toronto’s best east end bar, I couldn’t ignore the music playing in the background. It sounded familiar, yet completely unheard of. Alice let me know that it was the album Dada Bandits by Finland’s Rubik. Remaining one of Europes best kept secrets for far too long, they’ve recently been conquering North America with their Sept. release of the album. Think an a ‘scary little high-wire dance between the intimate and the elephantine, the melodic and the noisy, the gorgeous and the hideous’, this album perks your ears and keeps you guessing.

Judge for yourself, here they are live on KEXP with one of my favorites (and the album opener),Goji Berries.

while you’re heading to KEXP, check out sessions by The XX and The Temper Trap.

and finally, head to Stereogum to hear new Frightened Rabbit songs ‘Living In Colour’ and ‘Nothing Like You’ (BBC radio rips).

Their upcoming album (The Winter Of Mixed Drinks) is out 3/1/10 via FatCat. Here’s the tracklist.

01 “Things”
02 “Swim Until You Can’t See Land”
03 “The Loneliness & The Scream”
04 “The Wrestle”
05 “Skip The Youth”
06 “Nothing Like You”
07 “Man/Bag Of Sand”
08 “Foot Shooter”
09 “Not Miserable”
10 “Living In Colour”
11 “Yes I Would”