Contest: Rudely Interrupted at Sneaky Dees

I got a note from Musebox recently about a show they’re putting together on Dec. 9th in Toronto. Rudely Interrupted, a 6 person band from Australia, are touring to North American to perform at the UN in New York for Disability Day on December 3rd. Of the 6 members of the band, 5 members share a range of disabilities from autism, blindness to down syndrome. Musically speaking, they describe themselves as “Joy Division having a Gary Numan Party while eating pitch-perfect cookies“.

The show looks to be a fun night, with local bands Still Life Still and The Rural Alberta Advantage joining the bill. Want to go? Enter the contest.

The Winner will receive:

  • two tickets to the show on December 9th
  • 1 special United Nations edition of Rudely Interrupted‘s ‘Dont Break My Heart‘ EP
  • 1 copy of the Rural Alberta Advantage‘s ‘Hometowns

Simply write you name (and link to your e-mail) in the comments, we’ll draw a lucky winner. Contest ends at noon EST on December 8th.