Girls In Bands (ON AN ON Takeover)

To preface this I get excited when I see girls in bands partially because I’m heterosexual but also because, lets face it, there are fewer girls in bands than guys in bands.  I’m excluding bands with one girl singer in the band or artists who happen to be women.  That’s a common occurance.  Nico, Robyn, Sade – all great artists and singers.  But what’s uncommon are bands like Sleater Kinney or Lucious Jackson where the women are masters of their art and instruments.  And when I see a female kick the shit out of the drums or destroy bass lines I am switched on.  And if there was ever a year for this to happen it is 2013.  The Age of Almighty Sexy Girl Band is upon us.  And here are a few that are making it a solid case.

A trio of sisters that grew up playing music together alongside their parents under the stage name Rockinhaim drop the rocken and shorten it to Haim.  The sound ls like Fleetwood Mac and Kate Bush having sex with the faintest En Vogue song playing in the background.  Not only equipped with a solid EP they can handle themselves effortlessly live.  I finally got the chance to see them live at Lincoln hall in Chicago and I was floored.  It was well anticipated after missing them at Governors Ball in NYC and at Bonnaroo in Tennessee.  Guitar necks are child’s play for the sisters Danielle And Este Haim.  It was so epic even Rockenhaim reunited that night.  And I will confess that I did see Este Haim and was immediately so star struck that i froze up and couldn’t introduce myself to her.

I had only heard their single “Husbands” before I saw them live at the Pitchfork Festival in Chicago and I couldn’t believe what I was watching.  3 women annihilating drums bass and guitar while the 4th woman had the most powerful and captivating voice.  All clad in black I was so satisfied to hear Nu wave garage punk with a screaming female to entrance me the entire set.  Like Haim they have great recorded songs but they are even better live.

Sarah Jones
Yeah yeah yeah so hot chip is a bunch of awesome dudes that write some fantastic songs.  I know I know.  But their live drummer Sarah Jones kind of stole the show for me at Lollapalooza in Chicago this year.  She hit perfectly on even the most complex songs and kept an awesome style the entire time.  I was smitten.  She’s also in Bat For Lashes?  Okay still smitten.  Oh and here she is utilizing a Roland BT-1 and proof of how amazing she is.


This post was written by Ryne Estwing of ON AN ON as part of their Takeover of Indie Music Filter.  Follow Ryne and ON AN ON on twitter.