School of Language

School of Language

I got an e-mail from Season recently, telling me about a band she knew I would like. School Of Language, particularly the song ‘Keep Your Water‘.
I think she knows me pretty well.

You might recognize the voice in School Of Language, its David Brewis, or 1/3 of the UK’s Field Music. A band definitely enjoyed here on the Filter, but might have fallen off my radar as of late. Just released on the 5th is David’s debut solo effort (Sea From Shore) includes guest spots from Futureheads Barry Hyde and David Craig. Head to Stereogum to grab Aposopesis Remix, here’s Rockist Part 1.

Here’s a couple more on Channel M.


Season also sent me this. A list of bands playing SXSW in Austin next month. I’m booked and salivating….