SXSW ’09 Recap (part 1)

Before I start, here’s the things I learned:

-you can get past a line faster if someone on the inside of the bar thinks you are from Pitchfork.

-Canadians are easily roasted in Austin sun.

-one should never mix rye and syrup. you’ll see.

Following up on my half-assed posts from last week, I really don’t have that much more to add about Tuesday night. I’ve remember more since (guitar hero at the PureVolume house, getting cigarette burned by a coleague and constantly getting re-introduced to music industry people I’ve met many times). Tuesday was really about settling in, setting up and setting out.

Wednesday was about the bands. I started the day by heading to see Sweden’s Marching Band, and Detroit’s Deastro following up. Marching Band were like many Swedish bands these days: full of cathy harmonies and hooks. Very enjoyable set. Deastro tore it up a little bit more. A set filled with interesting choices and changes. Check out Parallelogram. We headed to the Canadian Blast party out front of the Hilton. Two Hours Traffic formed the crowd. Arkells made them rock. Gotta say, Arkells were a real presence down in Austin. Heard a lot of people talking about their live show, which were carefully placed all over coveted showcase spots. I ended up leaving the party on my way to the Mayor’s office… for a party/reception.

The rest of the afternoon was kind of a blur. Too much time spent in the streets, not enough at the actual shows. This happens a lot in Austin, the more people you add to your group, the harder it is to make a decision on where to go next. Really, the best way to see bands might be to forget everyone you know and do it on your own.

Highlights of the nightwere catching the tail end of Ladyhawke‘s set at Stubb’s, Alex Cuba‘s chilled performance to end the night, but mainly The Temper Trap‘s set at Dirty Dog Bar. Judging by the industry in the crowd, you will hear about this band very very soon. Above average live show, songs completely back it all up. From October, we spun constantly and always had people asking who it was? Glad we saw it live. Here’s their video for Science Of Fear.