Another library related post

I guess I’ve been hiding under a rock for the past little while. Never heard about this show, thanks to Frank for mentioning it to me.

Saturday, Nov. 18th. ELLIOTT BROOD, GREAT LAKE SWIMMERS, LAL, THE OLD SOUL, SHAD => Toronto Reference Library, doors 7:30 pm, tickets free, but must be picked up in advance

Called the library, they gave out all the tickets. Insert sad face emoticon here.

Cool concept though. The Toronto Public Library is going to have a new local music collection, and to celebrate this, they’re promoting these shows to take place within the libraries.

On Nov. 4th, The North York Central Library hosted a bunch of artists off Toronto’s Blocks Recording Club (Creeping Nobodies, Final Fantasy, Hank, Ninja High School, Bob Wiseman).

What is this saturday’s show going to sound like? You tell me.

Second Son by Elliott Brood. or

To Leave It Behind by Great Lake Swimmers. or

I Get Down by Shad K.

Shad K

**somebody comment, is anyone out there?