Shine a light

Got a great little nugget with a story from Ryder at White Whale last night. His label is putting out a 7″ called Shine A Light, a mellower version of Wolf Parade‘s Shine A Light, sung by Adam Franklin from Swervedriver. You see Adam had been covering the song on tour, and it was thought that an acoustic version of the song would make it on his debut solo record Bolts of Melody. For whatever reason, this song never made it on.

Ryder, a fan of Adam Franklin and Swervedriver, as well as a friend of Dan Boeckner asked the question “What if Dan would record a Swervedriver track?”. A quick phone call confirmed this, as Dan had always been a fan of Adam’s work. So, the Handsome Furs, Dan’s Wolf Parade side project, will be choosing a Swervedriver song shortly and putting their own spin on it. Also, to be released later this year on White Whale.

Here’s the Adam Franklin cover of Shine a Light. I’ve always been a fan of Dan’s vocals, so I don’t prefer this to the original, but its a great cover. Get it from iTunes here.