Get Shakes

We are approaching that big summer party weekend here in Canada. If you’ve been on my site before, you’ve probably ready here and here about my fascination with fireworks and a tradition I’ve upheld for a couple years now. Everything is in the works for this to happen as planned. I’m really looking forward to the weekend because I’ll be able to get out of Toronto, avoid some smog, and hit a beach….

And spin the hell out of The Sister Self Doubt EP by UK’s Shakes.

Get Shakes is the name for Matt and Darren Farrow, a DJ duo from the Isle of Wight who assemble some pretty hypnotic dance/punk anthems. Strongly recommended if you like The Rapture or LCD Soundsystem. Came across one of their videos on youtube for Disneyland (Part 1), but I was taken by the title track off their new Sister Self Doubt EP. Enjoy.