Stars of Track and Field

It was a long time ago, but I used to be a star of track and field.

Portland, Oregon’s three-piece Stars of Track and Field got their name from a Belle and Sebastian song, not a classic NES game. Their newest offering, Centuries Before Love and War (Wind-up), is a collection of songs which shift between sublte melodies and epic walls of guitar and noise.

They list their influences as a mix between colours of ‘Aphex Twin and early Pink Floyd to a palette that already included the Beatles and My Bloody Valentine.‘ I hear some Snow Patrol and maybe a less dark version of Raised By Swans. The band is currently touring with The Twilight Singers.

Love these ones the most. Others can be found on myspace.

Movies of Antactica [audio:movies_of_antarctica.mp3]
Say Hello [audio:say_hello.mp3]

Stars Of Track And Field