Around the blogs (Grizzly Bear, Kings Of Leon, RAC, Phoenix, Dirty Projectors)

Do me a favour? While you’re out, would you mind heading to RCRD LBL and grabbing both the new Grizzly Bear track ‘Cheerleader‘ and RAC remix of ‘Use Somebody‘ by Kings of Leon? The former is good intro to Veckatimest and the later is a solid remix, but better, a different alternative to what we’re all hearing probably too much of on the radio. I’d get these myself, but I’m stuck in the office. Also, remember those pitas we had last weekend? Maybe another package of those…

and some milk.

Also, while I’m thinking about it, check in on Gorilla vs Bear to grab David Miller‘s (not this David Miller) remix of ‘1901‘ by Phoenix.

and finally, if you get a chance (sorry this is a lot to drop on you), enter your e-mail below to get a new track (‘Stillness Is The Move’) from buzz band The Dirty Projectors. Everyone and their mother’s uncle is telling me about this band.