In the player at IMF: Ravonettes, Family Of The Year, Barton Fink

Seems as I’m throwing in a catchup post every 5 of so. Probably means I’m not posting frequently enough, but I’m pretty sure I’m just at the point where I can barely handle it. Maybe I need to tighten up the filter a bit? Maybe not. I ask this as I’m ready to tell you about 5 or so songs that you need to hear. Ready?

From the Ravonettes upcoming 4th LP comes the most optimistic sounding song about suicide I’ve ever heard. And it’s called Suicide, ‘a sugar-coated 60s-meets-shoegaze anthem’. The band are going from debuting songs on their Twitter page to touring North America until November, some dates with The Black Angels (dates here).

Since landing in my inbox, Bogie Ogreton has become Family of the Year. You might have heard them covering ‘Everyday’ by Buddy Holly in the trailer for Rachel Getting Married, even though I (like most) thought it was Rogue Wave. Check out No Good At Nothing.

New on my radar is Montreal electro/funk/rock band Barton Fink. For fans of other Montreal band Beast, get their debut album for free here. Here’s Gimme Some More, getting a lot of spins here this week.