Brand New Zero 7 ft. Only Girl

Anyone remember this treat? This perfect tribute to the almighty Talk Talk? Hella sure you do. There’s a slight chance it’s etched in your memory valves for two reasons; it’s Zero 7 and it’s Only Girl on vocals. In just a measly two Internet-hours, their new track featuring Emily Murphy, the woman behind the Only Girl moniker has had over 4500 plays…4501…4502….

The superbly relevant London duo Zero 7, Sam Hardaker and Henry Binns, have been busy this year! What with releasing their brilliant white label 12-inch ‘On My Own’ back in August that featured singers they have never actually worked with before – Danny Pratt AKA Danny Boy on the title track and Tom Leonard on the flip-side track Don’t Call it Love. Both of these songs were seductively playful and somewhat set the sonic pace for this new release.

“It’s a Sweat n Glitter number. Made of lost nights, danced away with friends in grotty nightclubs” says Zero 7 via their Facebook page when describing their brand new track “Take Me Away” (available 1st December) It’s hooky, bright and totally playful, showcasing yet another collaboration with a benevolent sounding singer/songwriter. The production quality is crystal clear, with splashes of a Studio-54-esque Disco palette, you’re suddenly transported to the centre of the dance floor, hypnotically swaying and getting swept away. Oh go on then..