Currently Listening To: Mo Kenney

I’ve always loved this song.

Here’s “Telephones” by Maritime songwriter Mo Kenney, from the upcoming sophomore album “In My Dreams”, out September 30 through Pheromone/New Scotland Records.  The song is originally a song from east coast band Mardeen, a band I work with in pitching songs to tv/film, and a song which I always thought would one day end up in a cell phone commerical.  Maybe this version will, we’ll see.

Like Kenney’s self-titled 2012 debut, this upcoming album was made in close collaboration with Joel Plaskett, who produced “In My Dreams”, in addition to performing on it and co-writing some of the songs.  This time around, the pair mixed things up by adding more classic rock influences to Kenney’s folksy singer-songwriter material.  Kenney said in a statement, “It is definitely bigger sonically. I see it as different lyrically too. I am quite private and I used to be a little cryptic to protect myself, but I have been writing more honestly lately. This record is definitely honest.”