‘The Suburbs’ Is Sprawling

the arcade fire

Just a couple things I’ve seen about The Arcade Fire recently:

-They’ll be performing tonight at Madison Square Gardens, but also to the world as we all tune into the live webcast happening at www.youtube.com/arcadefirevevo, as part of Arcade Fire Unstaged (brought to you by American Express/Vevo/Youtube) and directed by Terry Gilliam. Watch the trailer, looks awesome.

-That youtube channel has also posted so great videos of the band practicing, performing and goofing around. Take note of this one of ‘My Body Is A Cage‘ in rehearsal.

-Through this website, you can contribute to the bands’ backdrop on stage with photos of your suburb.

-Finally, as pointed out at The Playlist, Terry Gilliam has talked about apossibilityof future collaborations between him and the band in the future. With the way the Arcade Fire have set up their digital format, I’m wondering if we’re going to start getting Gilliam directed video clips sent directly to our music files. I’d love that.