The Ambience Affair

Getting ready for a big week here. A long list of calls, some preparation for Canadian Music Week and plans for making my girlfriend’s 30th birthday the best one yet.
Hopefully I’ll be able to post regularly this week.
I’ve got songs playing right now from Ireland’s The Ambience Affair and I’m again grateful for the things one can find in your inbox. This is the bands second EP (Patterns on Indicator Records), this musical direction focusing on ‘circular inventions of the acoustic/electronica kind’. Instead of writing songs with choruses,The Ambience Affair build songs incrementally, layer upon layer, to build their rich sonicmosaics. A great example of that isLost at the Start, or in the amazing themed variation of Little Red Riding Hood in ‘Devil In The Detail’.

The Ambience Affair – Devil in the Detail from Souljacker on Vimeo.