I have been fed The Asteroids Galaxy Tour for a nice snack

This band has had one song featured in a fun-themed’ ipod touch commercial that was specifically selected for the ad by Steven Jobs, another placed in a Gossip Girl episode during a dramatic teen moment, and sports a blonde and Danishly exuberant front-woman who sparks comparisons to the look and music of the Ting Tings. My brother and I were listening to the super catchy Around the Bend (from the Musicfile) in the car and both dug the soul driven horns and raw and sultry vocals. I was encouraged to write a post about them. I understand now. If any blowback occurs to Indiemusicfilter.com that this band was spoon fed to it by a strategically crafted viral-esque marketing campaign I will take the hit for writing about them as the site’s nube contributor. I’m not happy about it, but I will play for the team. You can find their EP on iTunes at the moment. Expect a full length album out in May. Check out their myspace page for more songs and details on upcoming shows. As well, head over to imf.tv for the video.