Come for Lazy Eye, stick around for a great live band

Thanks Matt for getting me into the Silversun Pickups show last night at the Phoenix. I arrived a little too late to see fellow label-mates Sea Wolf perform, but just in time to grab a beer and wait for the headliner.

It was around that moment when I fully realized how long it has been since I’ve listened to the radio. Since a couple months ago, Silversun Pickups have been taking over, landing the single ‘Lazy Eye‘ on many commercial radio rotations. Hence the sold out show at the Phoenix.

They played really well. I was really impressed.? Best sounding live show, but not most memorable (stood in the rain for these guys at sxsw in ’06). And the drummer set a record with me for the highest crash symbol on any kit i’ve seen. It was mounted at least a foot and a half higher than the standard.? Made for interesting fills.

As predicted, this is going to be their next single (when people are finally ready for it). You can download it here.

Sea Wolf – The Garden That You Planted

Silversun Pickups