The May Fire

The May Fire

San Francisco Bay area garage rockers The May Fire have been kicking out the jams since Catty Tasso and El Pipe first met in the LA alt-rock scene back in 2004. After enlisting guitarist Nachito, and bassist Rob Gwin the foursome banded together to churn out sassy, punkesque, indie rock that might tweek your adrenaline levels.

Their latin roots might remind listeners of the sounds of a less electronic CSS, with rock leanings towards the Pixies, the Like Young or Queens of The Stone Age. They released their debut full length in 2006, Right and Wrong, and then decided to push through the self release of 3 EP’s in 2007. In order of release they are titled, Plastic Army, La Victoria, and most recently, The List. In 2008, Nachito was replaced by Johnny Beane.

The band has toured the Pacific Coast and the US Southwest extensively, and are in the midst of an extensive tour of the Midwestern and Pacific US, ranging from Texas and Arizona up through Chicago, Illinois, and then on to Minnesota, Colorado, Utah, Oregon, and back home to California.

Below you can check out the video for You Make It Right off of La Victoria.

Also, here are some links to download No Clone and The List, off of the most recent EP. You can hear more songs by the band at their MySpace page, and also download further tracks off their website.

I suggest you turn the volume up to best enjoy the fuzzy guitar, loud drums, and solid vocals.