Sky Larkin

Tonight I finally found a place for everything that I got in my stocking this past Christmas. I now have more red and blue pens than I’ll ever need. and a huge orange. just sitting there looking all tasty.

I keep notes from time to time on my blog (or within the inner workings of it) on bands that are making music that seems interesting to me. Trouble is, I can’t always just pump out a post and really get out what I’d like to say. I have to let it stew and come back to it. Tonight, I thought I’d see what I could come up with.

I probably heard about Sky Larkin from Nothing But Green Lights, one of the more popular UK blogs out there. And for good reason, there’s a solid three-piece here.

The band hails from the UK, formed by ‘two old friends and one newer one from Leeds’ (Katie, Nestor and Douglas). In the past they’ve opened for BSS, The Gossip and The Organ, future dates look to be opening slots for UK buzz band Los Campesinos.

I believe their strongest, or best sounding song is One Of Two, which you can stream on their myspace page. Found a video too. Audio doesn’t sound great (camera), but you get the idea. This band would probably be a good show to check out.

Click here to download Sommersault Notes.

Sky Larkin