Woodhands Show at Phoenix

Where/When: The Phoenix, Friday April 17, 2009.

Who: Woodhands (headlining duo), The Carps (setup pair), Famous Players (two DJ’s)

In the battle of the two person group at the Phoenix on Friday night, one pair stood above the rest hands-down.Woodhands rocked the crowd by playing their catalogue of songs lush with frenetic vocals and interesting melodic changes over ripping bass lines.

What was nice about the energy filled set was that it did not sound like a hollow reproduction of their studio work. Much of this success came from their deft usage of loops and samples to ensure that all the little elements that make an interesting electronic beat were present.

Woodhands also used the show to continue to remind all comers that they still hold the mantle for most aggressive use of a key-tar in the creation of dance music.

It can be very tough to wake a Toronto crowd from its people-watching lull after many hours of practiced indifference, but full marks to the band for getting everyone moving by the middle of the set.