Doesn’t Really Feel Like An Ad


But this video is one.

Believing that music and fashion belong together, here is a collaboration between Swedish bandThe Sonnets, remix artist Montauk, and clothing company Tr籠Bien Shop called Short Story/Morning Run. 籠I never really get the impression there’s a hard sell there, maybe just an籠artistic籠video for a great remix that might as well be a music video. 籠I guess we’re supposed to notice the clothes the runner is wearing.

As a runner myself, I kept thinking of how uncomfortable that baggy jacket might have been flapping in the wind.

Nevertheless, I was completely drawn into this remix. 籠 Normally I’m not one for the autotune, but it works for me here. 籠Interested to know what you think?

Sebastian Said – The Sonnets (Montauk remix)

The Sonnets – Sebastian Said (Montauk Remix) from The Sonnets Vimeo Channel on Vimeo.

Wonder if brands will want to move more in this direction when it comes to spending advertising dollars?