Sync/Master: Project Jenny, Project Jan

320 – Project Jenny, Project Jan (PJPJ)

IMF: Hey David, have you heard this one yet?

David: Not only have I heard of this song, watch the video daily to wake my ass up, but I am very proud to say that we just had the guys create an original demo for Canadian Mobilty commercial…. and it was fantastic although not ultimately used in the final cut. PJPJ have such a great sound and when I heard this track almost a year ago on some blog, I knew I had to work with these dudes. This is what exciting and unique means. It’s very punchy, unlike anything on mainstream radio but the groove is familiar enough and the rambling rolls into a great chorus that both alt and non-alt-bro can appreciate. This song hits you right off the bat with it’s wonderfully rambled vocals and plotting-deep dance groove. It evokes my favorite elements of Talking Heads, The Stooges and retro dance. I have pitched this song once or twice for commercials and although it was not ultimately chosen, it was always my top choice. No agency is brave enough yet but when someone is, they will reek the rewards because this kind of music demands attention.

IMF: I wonder if its one of those things where if they get licensed once, everyone will jump on board and we’ll hear them in everything? Good buzz on this band and I like the fact that they collaborated on this new EP (Colors EP) with Fujiya & Miyagi, Mixel Pixel, So Percussion, Adam Matta and Clack Singles Club.

David: I do believe that could happen. I bet it will. I just hope I start the trend. Ha! We just recently came off the heals of a Moldy Peaches/Juno-sweep which came after a big Sigur-Ros-sweep…..
The Fujiya & Miyagi remix is mad-hot although a lot of the same from F&M on this track. But I’m into that. A band’s gotta have a sound that they own. Hopefully if this trend hits it will open the doors for punchy Canadian Indies like The Hilotrons (video here).

IMF: Glad everyone is Juno-ed out. Alt, non-alt bros.. You’ve been reading HRO?

David: Who isn’t. Funny shit.

IMF: Btw, P4K has the Fujiya & Miyagi collab, check it out.

David Hayman is a music supervisor atVapor Music His credits include films (Everythings Gone Green, Young People Fucking), short films (NFB, Canadian Film Centre), and advertising campaigns (Virgin Mobile, Toyota, GMC, Coors, MTV). David is also a unicorn-slayer and volunteer fire-fighter by night.*