The Sunshine Underground : Raise The Alarm

It feels strange to think of The Sunshine Underground‘s Raise The Alarm as a new record. I’ve been listening to these songs develop since 2004 and watching the buzz grow in the UK. The first two demos by the three-piece from Leeds (Demos 1 and Army EP) only showed a hint of their developing disco punk sound. The following two vinyl singles released on City Rockers (Put You In Your Place/They Got A Hold of Us and Commercial Breakdown/The Way It Is) showed a huge leap forward. Who Called The Dandy? (Ain’t Losing Any Sleep single) is a great Stone Roses circa The Second Coming influenced jam. Borders is another great song with anthemic guitar antics and feverish vocals that should mark their breakthrough. Although named after The Chemical Brothers track, their sound can be described as the psychedelic dance vibe of The Happy Mondays and the no-nonsense swagger of The Clash. With all their new remixes coming out that weigh heavy on the MSTRKFT and LCD side a better introduction are the original SU songs. There is no word on a North American release or tour dates but any label would be smart to take interest. It seems Germany is the only other place picking up on their vibe… it’s a good one!

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