Rockville, CA

Have you heard about this new show that’s in the works?

Josh Schwartz (the guy who gave us The O.C. and Gossip Girl) along with Alexandra Patsavas (Music supervisor for Grey’s Anatomy, Gossip Girl) are signed on to create a series of web-only episodes of a show called Rockville, CA. Each episode takes place at a venue, where a band will be performing a live show. The series follows a bunch of characters as they interact at these shows. Impressive list of bands I might add. Keep an eye out for Lykke Li, Phantom Planet, Frightened Rabbit, The Kooks, Earlimart (pictured below) and the Little Ones to appear in episodes.

On the positive, this is another great way to introduce bands to larger populations. But I have one fear. If these characters are going to be talking to each other WHILE the bands are performing, we might see this trickle into real life, more than it happens now! Monkey see, monkey do.

The show will air on the WB network (sorry Canada) and will offer extras like streaming exclusive tracks, downloads, interviews, behind the scenes videos.