It took me back to high school

… when my friend Ingrid reminded me of one of my all time favorite songs. As Bad As They Seem by Hayden.

Was that really 12 years ago?

If you go looking, you’ll see Hayden has put out more than a handful of records since his initial offering. I wouldn’t be the best person to guide you through that journey, but I remember a couple stops along the way. I think of great stories put to deep acoustic strumming. Interesting harmonies and guitars tuned down really low.

Trees Lounge from the movie with the same name starring Steve Buscemi. One of my favorite lines in a song. “If I win I get to go home with you and if you win, you get to go home with me.” Sounds like a fun drinking game.


the great northern Ontario driving song. Dynamite Walls from Skyscraper National Park.
I believe a new record is on the way? Check the fan site.