The Sleepless Nights

The blog turned 2 today! Happy Birthday Indie Music Filter. 2 years and 383 posts, still rolling.

Been spinning The Sleepless Nights a lot lately here in the office. They’re a Halifax band originally formed as a three piece. Now the band has grown to a six-peice, comprised of other east coast bands like The Superfantastics, Share and The Establishment. You might have seen them open for bands like The Hylozoists, Jon Rae & The River or The Meligrove Band.

For fans of artists like Grandaddy and Dinosaur Jr, check them out in your hometown, tour starting tomorrow, from the east to the near middle then back. check the myspace for details.

Here’s Got Caught off Turn Into Vapour, released yesterday. I really hear the Weakerthans in this one.